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Pulling on leash - It's not a behavior

  For many years I have heard trainers repeat that "you must teach the dog not to pull on the leash". One statement, two mistakes. ...

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Urine marking

  "In canids and dogs, urination is also part of social communication, representing both an olfactory and a visual signal (posture)." ...

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The "play" bow

  "The bow is one of the most misunderstood behaviors in canine communication." ...

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Beyond positive reinforcement

  We have learned that in order to train a dog we must use positive reinforcement: a dog's behavior leads to a positive consequence = the d...

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Dog stress on a leash

  A dog can be stressed by the person holding the leash, or by something that is in the environment: dogs, people, objects, noises, smells...

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Dogs on leash: the consent

  Dogs do not pull on a leash. Pulling is not a behaviour, it is the consequence of a behaviour. ...

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COPING STRATEGIES for dogs and owner

Recording from Alexa Capra's video conference ...

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Dangerous games with dogs

  ln recent years, there has been a growing consensus that playing with the ball is detrimental to the physical and mental health of dogs. ...

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The fearful... owner. Let's talk about "problem" owners

  There is a lot of talking about dogs who have problems, who are a problem for owners. When will we start talking about "problem" owners? ...

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The destruction box

  One of the reasons why owners lock a puppy in a cage is the tendency of puppies to bite, gnaw, tear, destroy. I suggest a strategy: the ...

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The "Result Syndrome"

  There is an evil that afflicts owners and dog trainers. The evil is called "Result". ...

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the Urals: Training vs. social communication

  Dogs are highly sensitive to human voice, and can actually understand much more than we think. ...

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