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Ethogram dog behavior

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3 DVDs pack Buy 3... PAY 2!

SPECIAL OFFER Buy 3... Pay 2!The DVD Series "Ethogram of dog behaviours" - 3 DVDs SPECIAL PRICE + free shipping...

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Ethogram of imposing behaviors of the dog

The complete list of all the DOMINANCE behaviours of the dog Just how does a dog declare to another dog that...

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Ethogram of agonistic behaviors of the dog

The complete list of all the AGGRESSIVE behaviours of the dog Not all dogs are equal: their age, sex, personality and...

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Ethogram of stress behaviors of the dog

The complete list of all the STRESS and FEAR behaviours of the dog. How can I understand if my dog is...

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Don’t “Watch me!”

We can help the dog look at another dog, and still feeling safe. ...

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The hidden anthropomorphist

Anthropomorphizing is not transforming dogs in something to admire and show off ...

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Dogs and coping strategies

An effective coping strategy is an active strategy to reduce the stress level. VIDEO ...

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Monkey versus dog – the art of teaching dogs to chew and pee

The other day, my dog decided to teach me how to wash dishes. I tried to fight it: "We’ve done it for hundreds of years", but it argued that...

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Beyond the click - A "competitive rivalry strategy"

I call it a "Competitive Rivalry Strategy" (or something like that). VIDEO ...

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Educating and training dogs – how to remove unwanted behaviors

Unwanted behaviors open a window to the inner world of the dog, tell me who the dog is, how it sees the world, what it needs, how it feels...

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Learning rules

When it comes to dogs, I never stop working. There is always something that puts me in motion, something that inspires me to try, experiment...

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What a leash is

Originally, the leash is a tool to control the dog. A dog tied to a leash cannot leave, cannot escape, it must follow us. The leash gives us...

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My first dog was a perfect dog

My first dog was a perfect dog. Eager to learn, easy to train, no problem behaviour whatsoever. Intelligent, playful, social, with a fantast...

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Shaping - learning how to learn

To me, having a puppy at home is always an opportunity to learn, to do better, to explore a new world. ...

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Rude and happy puppy dogs

A puppy that is free to act as a puppy, with no anxiety to contain his behavior within human rules, within schemes that basically prevent do...

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10 mistakes to avoid when socializing dogs

The first, and biggest, mistake is to think that socialization means to make our dog spend time with other dogs and other people. ...

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